Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tough Year

The story just keeps going on and on.  I fell to the dreaded lung proplems that have been present in our family this year.  I am presently going to respitory rehab three times a week. It seems like this whole family is on a health train wreck.  On a good note, I did quit smoking (it makes it so much easier when you can't breath).  It's been two weeks now.  Not long enough to be considered a non smoker just yet, but long enough, that the lung center will no longer have to test me for smoking.  The CO2? in my lungs from smoking is now gone.  One hurdle passed.   I've made it this far, and by golly I'm going to keep on this path.   

I did make an explosion box for my niece's birthday.  Very last minute though - the glue probably didn't even dry.  LOL  She loved it though, and her husband was commenting about me making him one that special for his birthday.  Of course, I had to do one for him.  That was more difficult (it's that male thing).  Once again, I finished his just in time to head out the door.  I've got to get a better handle on this.  I will need time to figure out how to get pictures uploaded to the site.  I guess, the first thing I should do, is to get the card done in time to take pictures of it.